Downloading New Coloring Pages

Registered users can download additional coloring pages from our catalog of over 300 pictures.

How do I download pictures?

You can find detailed instructions here...

What sort of coloring pages are there?

There are a lot of coloring pages!  They range from educational coloring pages to others just for fun. They include simple pictures for littler kids to beautiful mandalas loved by adults. There are fairy coloring pages, dinosaur coloring pages, and bible coloring pages.  There are pictures of people, pictures of animals and fish, pictures of trucks and cars, , people playing sport, mythical creatures, ...

We have tried to make it easier for you to find the ones you want by organizing them into sensible categories.

And if all that wasn't enough ... You can even add your own pictures!

Where do these pictures come from?

Many of the pictures that are available were created by Kea Software, but we have also received a great number of pictures from our wonderful users - people just like you!

Why is my favourite cartoon character not there?

Unfortunately such images are copyright, and we therefore cannot legally offer them for download. We have tried to contact some of the owners of these images, but to no avail.

What if I want a picture that is not there?

If there is a particular kind of picture you would like that is not in the catalog, please feel free to ask us, by sending an email.

Problems Downloading?

We have had some reports of people having problems downloading with Internet Explorer. An error occurs saying that "the file is in use by another program". This first happens if you double-click on the picture - Only a single click is required to download. For some reason Internet Explorer then locks up the file it is downloading and the Parent Tools is unable to open it.

The best thing is to avoid the problem by not double-clicking. (Or using Firefox as an alternative).

If you still have problems, you can [Save] the file rather than opening it. Then when it has downloaded, go and open it. It will open in the Parent Tools. The Parent Tools will help you put the picture in the right place.

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