My Flip-Book

My Flip-Book is a Flash animated book, with pages that can be turned by clicking on them, or dragging the page to turn it. There are also optional page navigation buttons.

Sites using the My Flip-Book...


Here is a sample of My Flip Book.
Notice how the edge of the book passes over top of this text as the page is turned!

Also notice how the edge of the shadow passes over top of this text as the page is turned!

You can embed the flipbook directly into a page or use an iframe.

Embedding is a little more complex, because you have to specify parameters twice (in the object, and the embed nodes). This means repeating the name of the book, and the width and height, otherwise you will experience browser incompatibility.

But, by doing it this way has some advantages such as being able to make use of absolute or relative positioning to have the turning page, and shadow appear across the content.

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