Match Up

Add "Matchup" to your website!

If you would like some cool matchup games on your own website, using your own pictures, then visit the Kea Webmasters site for more details.

Fun Games for Kids

Bug Matching Game #1 - Match Pairs of Bugs.

Bug Matching Game #2 - Match the pictures of Bugs, to their name.

Who's at Home? - Match up the family members.

Beginners Spanish Vocabulary

Learning Spanish #1: Common Animals - Match these animal pictures to their Spanish names.
You may want to review the cards first.

Learning Spanish #2: Fruit - Match these fruit pictures to their Spanish names.

Learning Spanish #3: What time is it? - ¿Qué hora es? - Match the times on the clock to the words in Spanish.
This is a tricky one! Try saying the time out loud, in Spanish.

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